Friends Series

Good Things About Season 1

Monica and Phoebe go to a newspaper stand to buy yesterday’s newspaper to check yesterday’s horoscope (go figure). They encounter an attractive guy. Monica tries to distract him and in the process, make the guy get hit by a car, falling into a coma. Phoebe and Monica compete against each other for the guy’s unconscious affections, taking care of him in the hospital, making them both possessive of the man.

Meanwhile, the gang sees romance novel author, Mrs. Bing, a.k.a. Chandler’s mom (who never fails to embarrass her son with her bluntness) on TV being interviewed, Jay Leno. She embarrasses Chandler all the more by spewing facts publicly that he’d rather not know.

Ross is miserable as he sees Paolo and Rachel being romantic to each other. Mrs. Bing takes everyone out to dinner. She gives advice to Ross but ends up kissing him instead with Joey catching them in the act.

In the end, Phoebe and Monica realize that the man-in-a-coma is a schmuck and Ross tells Chandler about the kiss and convinces him to confront his mother about his feelings.

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