Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones: an 87-meter tapestry tells the series … and even the Starbucks tumbler

First exhibited at the Ulster Museum in Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland, the “Tapestry Game of Thrones” crossed the seas to reach Bayeux, where it will be accommodated for 3 and a half months.

With its link to the series for its film locations that have become legendary, Irish Tourism wanted to preserve this cultural heritage through the creation of a medieval tapestry. Inspired by her famous counterpart Bayeux, this textile work tells the 70 hours of the eight seasons of Game of Thrones. From the battle of the Nera to the massacre of Port-Réal, through the Purple Wedding, there are more than 55 iconic scenes (among which is the Starbucks cup forgotten on the table …) which are spread over 87 meters 37 of linen and wool, and further inscribe the series in Irish heritage.

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About fifty journalists and media personalities had the chance to discover the result of this partnership between Irish Tourism and HBO, the channel holding the rights since the beginning of the series in 2011, in preview this Friday, September 13th.

Artists and illustrators first condensed the 73 episodes of the series, before passing the baton to a team of thirty hand embroiderers. Traditional weaving technique and textiles from the costumes and sets of the series intertwine to bring us back to life the story created by the original author, George R.R Martin.

It was only after an initiatory journey between a replica of Belfast’s Game of Thrones stained glass windows and giant photos of the filming locations that the guests were able to reach the famous tapestry. Presented in a unique piece thanks to its U-shaped configuration, this original creation supervised by a Crow with 3 eyes impressed its first French spectators by its size and the quality of its ornaments, all served in a medieval atmosphere, in the middle of an orchestra of folk music.

True tribute to Irish series and culture, the “Tapestry Game of Thrones” is a farewell to the universe, an opportunity for fans of the program and travel enthusiasts to gather around a same work of art.

The tapestry is accessible to the general public free of charge from Wednesday to Sunday until December 31, 2019, at the Hôtel du Doyen in Bayeux.

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