Brexit: The Answer Of Mark “Hulk” Ruffalo To Boris Johnson

While British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently compared the United Kingdom and his desire to leave the European Union to the Incredible Hulk, the interpreter of the green giant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe replied on Twitter.

The American comedian Mark Ruffalo, who has been playing the Incredible Hulk in the cinema for seven years, has replied on Twitter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who recently used the famous green giant to compare him to the United Kingdom and his desire to leaving the European Union as part of the Brexit.

“Banner [Hulk] can be held in handcuffs, but he is blown up when he is provoked. (…) Hulk always escaped, no matter how strong his bonds seemed – and that’s also the case of this country. We will be out October 31, we are resolved, “said Johnson to the Mail this Sunday, thus referring to the date when the Brexit must come into force, and adding that” more Hulk is angry the stronger he is. ”

On his Twitter account, Mark Ruffalo sent him the following message: “Boris Johnson forgets that Hulk is fighting only for the common good, anger, and strength can also be futile and destructive.” Hulk works best when in a team. it’s a disaster when he’s alone, and he’s always had Dr. Banner’s science and reason with him. ”

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