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Friends Series

Good Things About Season 1

Monica and Phoebe go to a newspaper stand to buy yesterday’s newspaper to check yesterday’s horoscope (go figure). They encounter an attractive guy. Monica tries to distract him and in the process, make the guy get hit by a car, falling into a coma. Phoebe and Monica compete against each other for the guy’s unconscious affections, taking care of him in the hospital, making them both possessive of the man.

Meanwhile, the gang sees romance novel author, Mrs. Bing, a.k.a. Chandler’s mom (who never fails to embarrass her son with her bluntness) on TV being interviewed, Jay Leno. She embarrasses Chandler all the more by spewing facts publicly that he’d rather not know.

Ross is miserable as he sees Paolo and Rachel being romantic to each other. Mrs. Bing takes everyone out to dinner. She gives advice to Ross but ends up kissing him instead with Joey catching them in the act.

In the end, Phoebe and Monica realize that the man-in-a-coma is a schmuck and Ross tells Chandler about the kiss and convinces him to confront his mother about his feelings.

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Rick And Morty Season 3

Rick And Morty Season 3 : A Beautiful Surprise

The hit Adult Swim series is set to return for its fourth season in November 2019, it was reported Wednesday at the WarnerMedia forthright introduction in New York.

Season 4 will debut a little more than two years after the finale of Season 3 on October 2017, the longest hole yet between periods of the show. Over a year passed between the Season 1 finale on April 2014 and the Season 2 debut on July 2015, while there was about a two-year break between the part of the arrangement in October 2015 and the principal scene of Season 3 on April Fools Day 2017. Season 3 at that point continued in July of that year.

It was reported last May that Adult Swim had given “Rick and Morty” a gigantic 70-scene request, which will carry the series to 101 scenes. The request is a piece of another long haul bargain the system has marked with series makers Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

The series has demonstrated to be an appraisals goldmine for Adult Swim, with Rick And Morty Season 3 Episode 10 finale scoring a 3.9 rating in adults 18-24 and a 3.2 in adults 18-34 in Nielsen’s Live+Same Day numbers, the most astounding evaluations in system history.

The series pursues a sociopathic virtuoso researcher who hauls his innately hesitant grandson on madly perilous undertakings over the multi-section. Roiland voices both Rick and Morty. The series likewise includes the voices of Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer, and Sarah Chalke.



Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones: an 87-meter tapestry tells the series … and even the Starbucks tumbler

First exhibited at the Ulster Museum in Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland, the “Tapestry Game of Thrones” crossed the seas to reach Bayeux, where it will be accommodated for 3 and a half months.

With its link to the series for its film locations that have become legendary, Irish Tourism wanted to preserve this cultural heritage through the creation of a medieval tapestry. Inspired by her famous counterpart Bayeux, this textile work tells the 70 hours of the eight seasons of Game of Thrones. From the battle of the Nera to the massacre of Port-Réal, through the Purple Wedding, there are more than 55 iconic scenes (among which is the Starbucks cup forgotten on the table …) which are spread over 87 meters 37 of linen and wool, and further inscribe the series in Irish heritage.

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About fifty journalists and media personalities had the chance to discover the result of this partnership between Irish Tourism and HBO, the channel holding the rights since the beginning of the series in 2011, in preview this Friday, September 13th.

Artists and illustrators first condensed the 73 episodes of the series, before passing the baton to a team of thirty hand embroiderers. Traditional weaving technique and textiles from the costumes and sets of the series intertwine to bring us back to life the story created by the original author, George R.R Martin.

It was only after an initiatory journey between a replica of Belfast’s Game of Thrones stained glass windows and giant photos of the filming locations that the guests were able to reach the famous tapestry. Presented in a unique piece thanks to its U-shaped configuration, this original creation supervised by a Crow with 3 eyes impressed its first French spectators by its size and the quality of its ornaments, all served in a medieval atmosphere, in the middle of an orchestra of folk music.

True tribute to Irish series and culture, the “Tapestry Game of Thrones” is a farewell to the universe, an opportunity for fans of the program and travel enthusiasts to gather around a same work of art.

The tapestry is accessible to the general public free of charge from Wednesday to Sunday until December 31, 2019, at the Hôtel du Doyen in Bayeux.

Castle Rock Trailer: Misery in the heart of Season 2

The Castle Rock series still pays tribute to the work of the master of horror Stephen King. For the second season of the anthological series, it is the Misery cult that will be at the center of the plot announced as a prequel to the famous novel. After the excellent Kathy Bates in Rob Reiner’s movie of 1990, it is Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex) who will embody the disturbing Annie Wilkes in this original story.

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The first season 2 trailer of Castle Rock introduces this character who seems to reside in Jerusalem’s Lot, the central city of Stephen King’s novel Salem. Fans will be able to have fun again looking for multiple references to the master horror works in these next episodes of Castle Rock. Season 2 is to be seen on October 23rd on Hulu, and later on Canal + in France.

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Brexit: The Answer Of Mark “Hulk” Ruffalo To Boris Johnson

While British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently compared the United Kingdom and his desire to leave the European Union to the Incredible Hulk, the interpreter of the green giant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe replied on Twitter.

The American comedian Mark Ruffalo, who has been playing the Incredible Hulk in the cinema for seven years, has replied on Twitter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who recently used the famous green giant to compare him to the United Kingdom and his desire to leaving the European Union as part of the Brexit.

“Banner [Hulk] can be held in handcuffs, but he is blown up when he is provoked. (…) Hulk always escaped, no matter how strong his bonds seemed – and that’s also the case of this country. We will be out October 31, we are resolved, “said Johnson to the Mail this Sunday, thus referring to the date when the Brexit must come into force, and adding that” more Hulk is angry the stronger he is. ”

On his Twitter account, Mark Ruffalo sent him the following message: “Boris Johnson forgets that Hulk is fighting only for the common good, anger, and strength can also be futile and destructive.” Hulk works best when in a team. it’s a disaster when he’s alone, and he’s always had Dr. Banner’s science and reason with him. ”

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Netflix Canal Plus

Netflix Soon Available In Canal + Offers

Netflix and Canal + have finalized this Monday a distribution agreement that will allow the subsidiary of the Vivendi group to offer in France content of the American giant. What strengthens the position of Canal + against the competition …

Negotiations had been going on for several days … While in Paris on Monday, September 16th, Reed Hastings, the founder, and CEO of Netflix, finalized a distribution agreement with Canal +. This partnership will enable the Vivendi Group subsidiary to make Netflix content available in France via Canal +’s offerings. For the famous platform of streaming, it is about extending its implantation in our hexagon and to reach a wider audience. Even if the American giant now lists no less than 6 million subscribers in France according to figures provided by Le Figaro. Incredible growth could be boosted by this new partnership.

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As of October 15, Canal + subscribers who subscribe to the Ciné / séries pack will have access at the same time to the Canal + premium channel, the Netflix service (2 simultaneous screens + HD) and 20 cinema and series channels, which include the OCS and Ciné + channels. Access to SVOD Canal + Séries, launched last March, will also be part of the package. This offer will amount to a total of 35 € per month. Customers already subscribing to Canal + will also be able to subscribe to Netflix via the most recent decoders. For the first time, programs such as La Casa de Papel, The Legends Office, Stranger Things, and Gears will be offered in a single offer. For Maxime Saada, CEO of the Canal + Group, this partnership “complements our general proposition of recent cinema, major live sports events, world-class series, including our Original Creations, and consolidate our role as aggregator content and services. ”

For Netflix as for Canal +, this agreement is a way to ally to counter the formidable competition that is preparing with the upcoming launches of platforms such as AppleTV + (November 1), Disney + or Salto, the SVOD service associating TF1, France TV and M6 (which will be launched in France during 2020). To better arm itself, Netflix continues to invest in many French projects, the latest being the series of horror Marianne that has not left followers of the genre indifferent. On the side of Canal +, the novelties will be reinforced with ten Original Creations a year, the next beginner on September 23.

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Jurassic World: The Battle at Big Rock short film is online!

While the dinosaurs of “Jurassic World” will return to the big screen on June 9, 2021, a short film located a year after “Fallen Kingdom” and directed by Colin Trevorrow has just been unveiled.

What happened after Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom, at the end of which the Isla Nublar dinos were released from their cages to disappear in the wild? What disasters could have caused raptors, T-Rex, triceratops and other compsognatus once released on the continent?

Until we can discover all this in theaters on 21 June 2021 in Jurassic World 3, the short film Battle at Big Rock – located one year after the events described in the second installment of the trilogy and unveiled this weekend – brings us already an answer element. Directed by Colin Trevorrow (director of Jurassic World 1 and 3), he follows the misadventures of a recomposed family party camping in northern California. As they prepare to share their dinner, they receive the undesirable visit of some dinosaurs.

Without revealing more – since the film is already available in its entirety – just specify that Battle at Big Rock, lasting 8 minutes, has nothing to envy to his older brothers in terms of special effects, and that it acts as a little greed to be tasted to help fans of the saga to wait until the release of the third feature film. Last advice: do not miss the few post-generic images, amateur videos were posted on Youtube, and particularly well seen.

Hoping that “Battle at Big Rock” will be followed by other shorts of the same type before the release of “Jurassic Park 3”, (re) discover the blunders and errors of “Fallen Kingdom” …

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